I used to love the ad breaks…

But not anymore with the gluttony of deeply depressing government “nanny-state” ads filling every break.

Is it the start of a scorched earth policy from this government?  Spending fortunes on ads now before it may be too late.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance called the level of government advertising “staggering”.

Susie Squire, its campaign manager, said to the Telegraph.co.uk: “There’s nothing wrong with telling people about services, but this has strayed well into the territory of propaganda.

“We’re in the grip of a recession and advertising is simply not a priority when it comes to taxpayers’ money. The Government should stop heckling people and start providing decent public services at an affordable rate.”

If our money is going to be spent on the government advertising its services, then I ask those behind some of those ads to please make them less depressing – we aren’t all living in fear of danger lurking around every corner, ready to prey on our health and well-being.

The government is now the biggest spending advertiser, unfortunately it is not the best.


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