How I’ve grown to love a restaurant because of its Twitter Feed?

I recently went to the @Mangal2 restaurant in Dalston, with low expectations.  You see, I had eaten already because I was running late to meet friends there and no one I asked for directions seemed to know the place.  To add to the sense of foreboding there was also a Mangal 1 restaurant (and who doesn’t want to be in the original, rather than the spin-off).

Once in there, the food looked good and the atmosphere was buzzing, but I felt no great brand loyalty to the place, it was just another Turkish restaurant.  Then someone told me to start following their Twitter Feed.  It made off-the-wall, hilarious and pretty addictive viewing.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 13.57.51

In my work I am often asked what value to put on a Fan or Follower.  In this case, through their compelling Twitter Feed (which hardly pushes discounts or marketing messages at all) @Mangal2 can probably count on many more dinner visits from me, giving them out of my pocket probably £200pa I would have  spent elsewhere.  Now that’s clear-cut social media ROI, achieved through that now aged phrase “brand entertainment”.


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