Olympic Heroes

This evening, I turned very bohemian (in a flashback to my days as at student at Goldsmiths) and went to Bow Arts Open Studios to see the work of some emerging British Artists.  One studio containing an exhibition of Olympic and Paralympic portraits in full length and life-size blew me away.  The athletes (including Oscar Pistorius, Mark Hunter, David Weir, Vanessa Raw and Jeanette Kawakye) were original painted in colour and then their skins were repainted over in grey, with the kit still in full colour.  This made the athletes look less earthly and rather like Grecian Immortals.  The athletes seemed to leap out of thr portraits towards the viewer.

The artist Teresa Witz said I hope: “future generations will view [my] work as a lasting depiction of Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the 2012 Games”.

  ‘Victoria Barr’ Olympic athlete Track & Field 400 metres sprint (oil on canvas – 198cm x 71cm) Life-size painting


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