Our Young

A segment that  I found right on the money from a TED Talk given by British filmmaker Beeban Kidron about the youngsters in her FILMCLUB scheme:

“Our Young are neither feral nor myopically self-absorbed….  they are negotiating a world of infinite shoice, but little culture of how to find a meaningful experience. 

 We appear suprised at the characters of those who define themselves by the size of the tick on their shoes, yet aquisition has been the narrative we have offered. 

 If you want different values we have to tell a different story.  A story that understands that an individual narrative is an essential component of a person’s identity; that a collective narrative is an essential component of a cultural identity, and without it, it is impossible to imagine yourself as part of a group.  Because when these people [those youngsters in her film discussion club scheme] get home after a screening of Rear Window and raise their gaze to the building next door they have the tools to wonder who apart from them is out there and what is their story”

Let’s hope it is not to late and that the legacy of our generation is not just creating technology that can guide future generations neatly and effortlessly through their by then diminished and largely meaningless lives.  Meaning & cultural depth of experience, over just infinite choice is important and must be championed.


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