This is Path

The two questions of the month from clients and colleagues have been “What’s Pinterest?” and “What’s Path?”

Pinterest has been explained every which way in tweets and articles over the last fortnight alone, including by my Citizen Relations colleague Jon Cronin.    But, the Path discussion is rarer and there is not too much down in writing for people to refer to.  So…

Path was launched in November of 2010, and now boasts over two million users.  It is a very cool app, beautifully coded and designed – managing to some extent to cover all the basic functions of Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter.  The Path app is designed to help you record your path through life and share that trail just with intimate friends and family (limited to 150)

You leave the breadcrumbs of your daily life by:

  • Uploading photos (which you can add filters to Instagram style)
  • Tagging people you’re with
  • Noting your location
  • Noting the song currently playing on your iPod
  • Writing a thought
  • Logging when you are about to go to sleep and when you wake up (so that you receive inspirational messages when you arise)

Your entries are displayed in a chronological timeline – your Path.

Am I going to be a regular Path user, probably not; but, friends and colleagues of mine who are strongly attuned and committed to “life-logging” probably will be.

To read up on why Path has got itself in a bit of hot water over privacy  recently, you would be wise to take a look at a concise post from the sharp mind of prgeek


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