WHO, ME, THEM: Which innovations to trial and which to ignore

A few years ago, I used to accept every trial to road-test online innovations.  But now there are simply too many tools, platforms and channels popping-up to do this effectively.

So I have made a few rules for myself in deciding when I’m going to give something new some serious focus:

1. WHO

Who has recommended it to me? Is it someone I trust? Or at least someone, or a publication, whose tastes I appreciate.  One that doesn’t shout about simply everything.

2. ME

Does it align with my particular interests (or indeed the needs of the brands I work with)? eg. Social media listening / measurement, Social TV, the live Arts are my big interests.  I’m not massively into photography compared to a lot of my peers for instance, so I might rule out spending too much time trialing Pinterest and other photo networks for instance.


Does one of my colleagues have a passion for this area?  If so, that colleague may be best placed to do a trial of this new tool and discuss with me afterwards.  For example, one of my colleagues is an obsessive Instagramer, and another is a mobile content enthusiast, who would rush at the chance to try out any latest mobile QR code tech or mobile magazine advances.

Given an average of 10 emails a week are popping into my Inbox to trial new online services, the WHO, ME, THEM approach is invaluable to me.


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