Best work email ever!

After dressing up like Ziggy Stardust, complete with pink wig, for the work Xmas fancy dress party, I received this email:

Hi Jono,

 This is the one that you looked like/ reminded me of last week, her name is ‘Sarah’:

 Maybe watch an episode on 4OD to see her in action?

The documentary was actually quite touching, although Sarah did seem to have the biggest battle to overcome re. woman looking like man.

 All best,


Judge for yourself readers …

I think me and transsexual Sarah surely must share a relative back somewhere with those cheekbones.


One thought on “Best work email ever!

  1. I love the fact that its such an earnest email. No sense that we are talking about some serious piss taking / costume fun. It might just be about Timesheets or some such!

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