Mashable Media Summit NYC: unleash the geeks

At the Mashable Media Summit: Myself (with Movember stubble) & my Canadian digital counterpart Citizen Optimum's VP - and former advisor to the Canadian PM- David Brodie

The fault line running through The Mashable Media Summit (NYC 2011) was that the key to future commercial success, innovation and audience growth for the media is building on the interconnectedness of what is deeply human and what is technological at every level.

So many of the millennial success stories were like the allegory at the heart of the film Short Circuit “Jonny 5 is alive!”– Technology respecting humanity and humanity respecting technology.

That requires fundamental change or at least development for most organisations where the ‘production dept’ is a bolt on. If the technological know-how is not within the creative and strategic departments how can you expect to be thinking in a way that will properly make use of technology’s infinite possibilities? As the mercurial Faris Yakob puts it “Technology is a medium too” and “art and copy” must now sit hand in hand with “arduinos and code”

So in short, media (particularly the older institutions) need to unleash the geeks and let them sit at the table with the liberal arts folks. It is that mix that shall innovate and excite.

Myself and my colleagues were all tweeting away from the summit, so if you are curious why not check out the streams of:

@jonomarcus: Director, Digital Innovation at Citizen Relations (based in UK – Citizen Brando)

@brodiedavid: VP, at Citizen Relations (based in Canada – Citizen Optimum)

@sophielabelle: Director of Social Media, at Citizen Relations (based in Canada, Quebec – Citoyen Optimum)

@joncronin: MD of Social Engagement at Citizen Relations (based in USA – Citizen Paine)


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