Sex & social media

I had my first experience of affirmative action this week.

Unfortunately, I was not on the winning side.

An editor of a leading marketing publication needed a senior digital PR contributor for a feature story in their next issue.  I was told I should sharpen my pencil and be ready to submit to a strict word count on the social media issue of the moment.  However, just as I was settling down to write the piece, and to tell Mrs M she’d see her husband in the next issue, I got a call from the person organising the feature….They had just been told by the section editor to choose another person to write for the feature instead.

Why? She wanted a woman. Apparently, she had said:

“All I ever get is male social media experts. Why can’t I hear from a woman? Find me a woman who works in social media, otherwise the piece is off!”

So, to all my esteemed female colleagues and friends in social media, the clarion call has been sounded. Marketing publications want YOU, so go get ’em girls.

NB. This post is dedicated to all the talented women in digital PR I’ve worked with in recent years, including @mylostromance @Sunday_best @kristalsmile @miishi @candacekuss @ally_mannock @rosiesimian


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