Hey, online expert, how much do you know about…

… customer conversations online.

We are having a pop quiz in the office, want to join in? (based on stats from The Conversation Index of Q2 2011)

1. What country beginning with the letter M had the highest proportion of positive things to say in online products reviews?


2. The neighbouring country to the answer above, had the least positive things to say.  What country was this?


3. Nearly a third of all reviews collected on Facebook were submitted on what day of the week?


4. The most Facebook activity generally happens on which day of the week?


5. Do men or women dominate social networks?


6. Who writes the more positive product reviews online men or women?


7. Is most UGC produced by a) 16-24 yr olds, b) 25-34 yr olds c) 35 – 44 yr olds d) 45 – 54 yr olds e) 55+ yr olds

ɹnoɟ ʎʇɹıɥʇ oʇ ǝʌıɟ ʎʇuǝʍʇ

8. What month sees the biggest surge in customer service complaints within online reviews?


9. 1 in 5 reviews in Q2 contained what 4 letter word?



If you got 9 out of 9, then you have either got the report in front of you, or you are a data analyst, or you deserve a round of applause for your Rain Man skills




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