Are you a good Citizen?

Look, I don’t normally do this, but…

I’m talking about shamelessly plugging the agency I work for.  But, we’ve just had an exciting rebrand tonight – and because of the hard work that’s gone into it, I’m feeling tired and emotional (in a good, non-Lindsay Lohan way).  So if you’re interested, check out the new

As well as me waxing lyrical on the nature of innovation below (…what a wanker!)

Defining Innovation

It is a truth universally acknowledged that whilst everyone has heard of PR, most are pretty unsure about exactly what it is PR professionals do all day long. And the more esoteric the title, further the dislocation from any pragmatic, easy explanation. When I was appointed as Director of Digital Innovation at Citizen Brando, family and friends asked me about the nature of my role, projecting their understanding of innovation, surprising and intriguing me with their interpretation of the concept.

Some saw my role as soothsayer, looking into the runes of the past and present to make prediction  about future trends, a sort of digital Mystic Meg. Others thought I was privy to information on cutting-edge research about what was being worked on behind closed doors, the new technology that was going to revolutionise our lives.

Both have a degree of accuracy: it is my job to take a long, hard look at how people are using social media globally, paying particular attention to emerging trends in order to identify the ones that have the scope to provide new communication and marketing opportunities.

And I am privileged to be witness to exciting new developments such as augmented reality gaming, the rise of virtual goods, or the ‘social’ TV remote control, whilst they are still the in embryonic stage, so to speak.

But in addition to those important aspects, I would add that an important element of identifying and leading innovation is akin to being a good gardener. It is an exciting time for those working in social media, and a brave new dawn beckons, but just as some technologies will flourish upon contact with the crowds, some will not be able to withstand the pressure, and some will wither and die.

There is an analogy to be drawn with nature, whereby only some of the strains of new life will survive, but there is also a responsibility on my part to identify the truly great ideas, the startling innovations, like the wild orchids that might need extra attention but which will reward us back a thousand fold with their beauty and their brilliance.

And so it is my role, to foster, usher in and nurture innovation, in everything I do. Digital innovation is central to the Citizen Relations approach, which appreciates that in the age of Web 2.0 one idea can fly a long way in many different forms.


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