Facebook Extra Absorbant

When I saw a box on the kitchen counter with a big logo on it saying “Find us on Facebook“, I naturally picked the box up and studied it…

You see for anyone interested in social media, a Facebook logo on a box, leaflet or poster usually warrants a moment of arrested attention. I expected the box shouting at me to “Find it on Facebook” to contain sweets, crayons, even kids’ medicine. What I did not expect it to contain was Lil-lets tampons.

Even tampons are on Facebook now it seems. In Lil-lets case, their page centres around girly gossip andpromotions, for example, to gain tickets to go and see plays such as The Vagina Monologues – I am serious (!)

Would ANYONE ‘Like’ a tampon brand on Facebook though!?  Well 954 people have ‘Liked’ Lil-lets page so far, which simply says in its info section “Non-applicator and applicator tampons, pads, liners and feminine hygiene products”.

I scoffed when I picked up the box advertising Lil-lets Facebook page, but the social media call-to-action on the box has made me a) visit the Facebook page, b) click through to their website, and c) write a blog post about them containing links to their pages. Not a bad days work Lil-lets!

Maybe starting a Facebook page for a tampon brand wasn’t such a ludicrous idea. Or maybe it is – the jury is out… until next month anyway!


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