2 thoughts on “What do Dyslexia & Digital have in common?

  1. Jono,

    Thank you for the honor of citing my work as a source for this piece. I also do social media marketing and you’re absolutely right. If you’ve never rolled up your sleeves and built a social media marketing campaign from scratch, you can’t speak with authority as to how things really work.

    You have to understand how all of the constituent parts of the collective whole of a campaign relate to and among each other in terms of the hyperlinking going on with the internet assets of the campaign and how to maximize the benefit of each of those connections such that they make a collective as well as individual contribution. A well-designed social media campaign is like chainmail, if that makes sense. Understanding how to create something that complex and interwoven on a grand scale takes a unique skill set that most don’t come by easily.

    All of the social media campaigns I’ve worked on have been for small organizations and haven’t been on a grand scale. It’s enough of a challenge for me to envision all of the relevant linkages on such a small scale. I can only imagine what it must be like for a large corporation with the resources to do something truly comprehensive on a global scale. The complexities of something like that just blow my mind!

    Good writing and best of luck to your son in his endeavors to master reading!

    Anne M. Zachry

    • Thanks for your comment, a pleasure to read. I found your article(s) very helpful indeed. Warmest wishes from one marketeer to another and one person concerned with dyslexia to another.

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