Survey of Facebook users – hhhruuumpppf!

“Out of 1,528 Facebook users surveyed by DDB Paris and OpinionWay, 630 respondents said they clicked the unlike link on a page” (with the implication that they unlike “when a brand promotion ends”)

According to the description on Read Write Web: “The study by DDB reveals that two in five brand followers surveyed are not interested in engaging with Facebook pages after a marketing engagement ends”.

What use is a piece of “research” that gives you a magic ratio based on how many people ‘like’ or ‘unlike’ a Facebook page, if that piece of research is solely based on what people think they do.

I think I keep track of everything all my friends say on Facebook, but I bet if it were tracked in a Big Brother style experiment that I wouldn’t even notice 10% of my friends status updates. 

My point being, surveys should be treated with a truly enormous pinch of salt, because people are not rational (even when talking about rational processes like when they might ‘like’ or ‘unlike’ a brand Facebook page). 

As David Brooks – Author of the The Social Animal– puts it “We are primarily the products of thinking that happens below the level of awareness.”   

If a significant group of large and interactive Facebook brand pages start sharing their analytics, then we will have the data to draw conclusions like the DDB survey does.  If such data does indeed allow one to conclude that  2 in 5 fans ‘unlike’ pages as soon as brand campaigns end, then I’ll pay that stat a good deal of attention, though I would be surprised.  What doesn’t hold much currency for me is a survey based on people’s best rational guess at to what they do or don’t do, although it’s interesting.

We have reviewed a recent Facebook campaign run here at Brando and seen a drop-off of nearer to 1 out of every 45 likes.    


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