Worst Summer of TV contributes to youth “riots”

Worst Summer of TV contributes to youth “riots” 
Ok, a little simplistic and a purposely provocate statement,  how can I possibly say this….
Well, this has been the worst Summer of  TV I can ever remember.  Yes, The Hour has made a splash but what else is there, especially aimed at teens and twenty somethings.  The channels are filled with every piece of trash that has ever been filed under “screen during a quiet patch” and endless editions of Come Dine With Me.  Not only this, but if you want to find something on at the cinema that is not for under 12s you are gonna struggle.   Sure, there are some great theatre prductions on throughout the country, but theatre does not traditionally get teen bums on seats in any great numbers. 
My point is would the “riots” have happened and be continuing to happen to such a significant extent if must-see TV for teens and “youth” was dragging those fools involved in them back indoors.  This case shouldn’t be overstated, opportunistic idiots do opportunistic idiotic things whether or not there is good TV on – but a few  addictive series on right now like “Inbetweeners” and the like, must have kept a few unpleasant youths in their homes and away from looting JD Sports.      
Boredom, long and hot summer nights, bad TV a more incediary combo than one might imagine.  Now maybe time to flick few my Malcolm Gladwell books to refresh on the psychology behind copycat behaviour creating real-life viral effects!

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