What I learned from a conference I didn’t go to

So David, talk to me...

When I realised I had double-booked myself for the Future of Digital Marketing Conference yesterday. I firstly panicked, then I sulked, then I packed my bags to attend the SEM meeting I needed to attend near Folkestone instead. During this process I picked up the phone to my trusted colleague, online analyst David Russell, and bemoaned the sad state of affairs that meant that he was going to be lucky enough to attend the conference in my place.

After the conference, David started describing to me what had been said and presented.  Our Skype call went on into the night as David talked until his throat was raw, and I questioned, clarified and scribbled. Think The Sopranos, Tony and Dr Melfi scenes, except David never threatened to send me on a “little vacation” and I didn’t blame his passion for social media on his mother.

Below are the golden nuggets I took from our chat.  They are nuggets rather than fully worked up pieces, as ultimately we had to get off Skype and go to bed. So rock and roll!  However, @davidrussell_ will be doing an in-depth post about some of the concepts explored at the event on http://www.lucresocial.com/blogs this week.

If you can’t wait until then… let the experiment in writing about a conference I did not attend, but interrogated someone else about begin!  If it works it could spawn a whole new phenomena of “Second-hand Reviews”, transforming the art of the TV and theatre critic.

Mobile and apps:

– Communication vs consumption: iPhone is actually more for consumption than communications

– Internet is a tool, not a business

– Sites will all be mobile, looking like apps – so need to ask “what value will separate brands apps be able to provide for brands?”

Html5 offers huge advantage by wrapping sites in native codes

Aside – first pure html5 magazine

– A silent revolution – of rapidly changing technology

Online video

– Increase sales by 30% in their M&S online community

Future of display advertising

– As more different options for digital advertising become available, display ads will fall

– People are finding brands and sites to buy from via horizontal routes, not via arrival at a homepage. Not just entering via google or display ads, but via blog links, tweets etc.

– In digital age, the key is inspiration and support over a short-term e-commerce transaction.  Brands must turn function to role. Sites should be more than the “market place”, instead the “place to market”.

Web 3.0 about knowing in advance what people want

– Increase horizontal entry via partnerships with Google and major search engines and online editorial pubs

– Major partners like Yahoo! will become more and more of a commodity, allowing constant unconscious brand interaction…. More eye-time eventually leading to a sale

Google Street View but for hotels invested in by Expedia

– Service is the new advertising

– Corporations moving towards using opens APIs allowing developers to create apps etc based on the corps data – creating more profits and partnerships

– Best Buy video explains what open API is: http://bbyopen.com/ (cf expedia access)

Community Management
Brian Solis’s 5 Cs

– Reward STRATEGY is important

– When communities that are generating content, you must be serving them and inspiring them, not necessarily creating for them

– In the future, community managers will have to be completely tied into a customer service feedback loop

– “Niche is the new black”

Web 3.0

– Marketeers can affect what people want, actually changing consumers behaviour

– Web 3.0 – Google to recommended what you want, when you want it and with what

Mobile replacing PCs– digital strategy should increasingly START with mobile

– Disjointed right now, we still tend to watch TV by searching what we want, described as “Veg 2.0”. In the future, your general remote device will help you decide what you watch on TV and suggest what you could be watching and tell you what your network of friends is watching & discussing

– Opportunity for TV ads to be more targeted.  Dual ad on TV and personalised ad on your iPad remote control in the same  instance

– New power struggle in broadcasting: broadcasters control vs device manufacturer control eg. Google TV, Netflix etc. Game-keeper no longer BBC, ITV etc

– “Social is the new scheduler”

– Automated content recognition systems


AR is NOT Virtual Reality: AR around for years in Hollywood FX, fighter plans, Hawks Eye etc

– Coding in relation to AR apps is not as complicated as you would think

– AR does not need to fit on your screen it needs to fit in the world beyond the screen

– AR more a concept than a technology

– Best concepts within AR have- 3D, animation, interactions, social media links, cross media approach

User based design

– Cool stuff: Amazon Remembers, Word Lens, Sonar, Siftables

– Web apps the future over websites

– B2B apps being driven by trends in consumer apps

Online Listening– creates better companies, better connected with their consumers

Virtual Goods – Internet moved from being about everyone on to access everywhere then on to everything. All objects becoming “social objects” eg. Gibson guitar would have an online history, Diesel case study example. http://evrythng.net/

Future of data – check out McKinsey reports… Big Data report www.mckinsey.com/mgi/publications/big_data/pdfs/MGI_big_data_full_report.pdf

– About the right questions, in order to get the right answers.

–  Data ripen over time, apps rot over time

Future of SEOserendipitous search. Google Instant for example now and in the future  even more power to predict your desires…. All about Artifical Intelligence & relationship attributes!

Html5 – unbelievable amount of instant user data in brands hands now due to html5 ability. See what is happening on your site live and animated

They are the nuggets, hope you found them as interesting to read, as I found them to listen to… (second-hand)!


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