Best way to reply to “How are you?”

I cannot express myself as beautifully as AA Gill, far from it, but when my six year old son began responding to everything (ie. life, school, dinner, cartoons) as being “Not bad”, I knew something had to be said. 

I mean, could there be a more anodyne, dull, lifeless response to the everyday poser of “How are you?” than “Not bad”.

So I looked up in online forums where people have posed funny answers to the “How are you?” inquiry.  The problem is the answers are all so goddamn dark and bitter…

 So I gave my boy some responses from the Thesaurus, which will hopefully spark up his six yr old conversational imagination:


Please email me or tweet me any top responses @jonomarcus to pass on to junior.


2 thoughts on “Best way to reply to “How are you?”

  1. Love it!

    I always try and reply with something un-nervingly positive like ‘cooking on gas’, ‘awesome’ or ‘tip-top’.

    Always gets a slightly bemused reaction and often a question as to why/how I could possibly have strayed from the realms of ‘not bad’ or ‘alright’…

  2. Other words that must be deleted from our conversations are “OK” and “nice” and especially the new word of this decade “doh………”. Bring back good speech, by example of the teachers in our schools!

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