A Home for Maisie

Absolutely inspiring documentary on adoption last night on BBC 2 called “A Home For Maisie”.  The documentary chronicled parents Jim & Sue who has already adopted a number of “the least wanted” children.  Adopting those children who were not babies and did not look like Orphan Annie and had difficult issues to address.

Maisie’s therapy sessions to overcome the deep seated issues stopping her integrating into the family that wished to adopt her, was included in the documentary.  It is questionable how a girl of around eight years old can fully consent to such personal content about her being filmed and aired.  However, the results of the therapy, whilst slow and painful, were undeniable.  Maisie’s adoptive parents were real life heroes, simply enduring and loving and loving and eduring, until that love was eventually more visibly returned.

Catch the documentary on http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b010fq2d/A_Home_for_Maisie/



One thought on “A Home for Maisie

  1. Holding therapy is wrong! full stop on any child i went through holding therapy as a child and it is disgusting
    it breaks a child a child it kills somthing in side of them it may be painfull but it works what a load of crapo the documentry was well edited and if you look at the BAAF AND BRITISH SOCIAL WORK JOURNEL THEY also do not agree with this therapy of the course they doc made it look good do you think a company like that woulds show the bad bits! point taken if you wanna talk about this further email me i am currenlty seeking legal action in reagrds to my holding therapy as a kid as it hae affected so bad in my older life

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