Forget Queer Theory, time for Smeer Theory

A funny video, but maybe it is time to work out how marketeers and others can understand people across the world a bit better, whatever country you, or they, may be based in.

Two things can help the global marketeer out of the Ivory Tower and away from out-of-date fixed “demographic profiles”:

1) a lot of expensive plane tickets and time spent in the markets (and in people’s homes)


2) a lot more (not very expensive) social media-founded insights

I call it “Smeer Theory”. Let me explain…

For a book I am writing called (working title!) ‘National Expression: a tale of countries and people, as told by social media‘, I am looking at social media expressions, interactions and interest points and how these reflect upon both individual and national identities.

For example, Swedes tend to be far more investigative in their blog posts and forum discussions, whatever the topic. They use a high amount of  “forensic” terminology and try to uncover the truth about a particular issue. Whereas, Brazillian posts are far more likely to be filled with videos and pics and relate to topics to do with aesthetics or pleasure.  I am generalising simply for the sake of making a stark example.

I have created a lists of topics which tend to reveal national, as well as individual insights, when explored through the lens of social media (or as I call it – the “Smeer Eye”).  I’d love to come to a crowd-source consensus as to whether people agree with these topics listed below and what ones they would add to the list to get an insight into national identities?

  • Health, fitness and well-being
  • Parenting, fatherhood, motherhood and family
  • Fame, success and celebrity
  • Socializing
  • Rules and governance
  • Wealth
  • Masculinity / femininity
  • Education / academia
  • Nationality
  • Love and relationships

Feel free to chip in folks!


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