Attention junkie


Many of us have dated women who are attention junkies – you know the type – they call you when they know you are busy, unexpectedly distract you from tasks at hand and even though you should really know better, they can seem irresistible and somehow manage to keep you coming back for more, against your better judgement.

Now happily married to a wonderfully sane, perfectly balanced woman, I find social media increasingly gobbling up my time and attention, like the capricious vamp of days gone by.

My Twitter feed is a case in point. It “accidentally” omits to retweet my blog posts, leaving them to go unread for days. If I dare fail to check my account for a day or two, I get bombarded with updates through my iPhone, reminding me to check into long ago abandoned profiles on fad social networks. One minute I’m riding high on a Peer Index, the next I’m in social Siberia, despite my desperate attempts to @reply myself into a funny conversation.

As with all things, moderation is key. A bit of the attention-seeking crazies can be quite hot in a woman  – makes you feel alive (ok, I lied, my wife has been known to betray a touch of this now and again) – just as the self-obsessed branding exercise that Facebook / Twitter /LinkedIn profile updating can become, cannot be dismissed just because it betrays a degree of narcissism in its users. The darker side co-exists with the benefits and it’s just about getting the balance right.

All we can do in this increasingly virtual life is try and take advantage of the technology at our fingertips whilst staying human in the process.  We must stay human and use social media to increase the sum of our parts – not reduce them.




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