Corporates failing the A B Cs of effective social media engagement

No one is exactly the same – and no client’s social media needs are either.

And now I will contradict that statement with a big BUT, because when it comes to most “corporates” – like IT firms – I see that they are doing a lot of the same things wrong.  They often fail to do the very basic things in order to use social media to their advantage (basics things that they certainly don’t need to employ an agency to do for them).

Here’s a run down of the top rookie failings:

  • No blog

When a company haven’t established a blog or blog network, they are never the SOURCE of info or articles, which they are referring to on their other social networks.  A blog can help them move from presenting content as an aggregator to creating content and so coming across as an authority.

  • Underdeveloped LinkedIn profile

Companies often set up LinkedIn Groups, but the company profile will only have a handful of employees connected to it and very little info, making their social media presence look half-hearted.  If the company activated the Careers tab option, they could be attracting new employees through their profile and more traffic to it.

  • Irrelevant Twitter feed

The Twitter feed needs to be more engaging than a channel for spewing out press releases. It may be most valuable to the company if they are directing people to more in-depth pieces on a company blog .

A strong Twitter handle may or may not be the company’s name.  For example, if you are an IT consulting firm, then a great handle may be ITconsulting, rather than just your firm’s name which might be Magic Computing.  The company name in this instance can sit in the header of the feed eg. MagicComputing @ITconsulting.

Twitter Q&A sessions with key people in an organisation are so simple to organise, but this mechanic is underutilised.  Companies need to be braver (in increments) about getting more company reps on Twitter, all with handles feeding into the main Twitter profile, for example, ITconsulting_planner, ITconsulting _analyst, ITconsulting _bizwhizz.  The more quality feeds linking into the main Twitter feed, the more traffic can be referred to the company blog / site.

  • Ignoring Facebook (as “too consumery”)

Normally Facebook is a last priority for corporate companies, but yet often they have more meaty fact-based content to engage with on Facebook than many consumer-focused brands.

For example an IT consulting company could be providing:

  • Year ahead predictions
  • IT strategy recommendations
  • Panel advice vids / events
  • CIO advice posts
  • Real-world vents sign-posted / via Facebook sign-up mechanics
  • Guest posts from people in different but relevant professions
  • Web seminars
  • Relevant book, TV and blog recommendations
  • Photos and vids of people in the organisation

Facebook is a great tool to create circular traffic to Twitter feed / blog / website.  “Corporates” must remember that even their business-orientated audiences are ordinary people with ordinary lives.

  • Omitting the obvious

Last but not least, many corporate brands do all these things – but forget to do the obvious action of highlighting their social media profiles on their main site homepage.

It’s easy stuff. For an example of a “corporate” firm doing a great job in terms of their social media engagement, check out Gartner.  Hats off to you guys, nothing like doing the fundamentals well.



One thought on “Corporates failing the A B Cs of effective social media engagement

  1. You are so right but I slightly disagree with you about FB. I have found it to be virtually useless for attracting new business. Twitter ROCKS for that. Sadly, however, all of your good tips will not land on the right ears because they don’t pay attention to social media anyway 😦

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