Cut the kvetching

In response to PR Week’s article “Who owns social media? -what the PR industry needs to do to ‘own’ these budgets”.

My answer is that firstly the PR industry needs to stop the “poor little me” mentality, when it comes to digital.

Underneath all the smoke and mirrors, the way all digitally-equipped marketing agencies operate is pretty similar. Of course, some agencies trumpet their uniqueness, saying they’re all about ‘building movements’,‘passion moments’, ‘love marks’, ‘360 degrees approach’, ‘branded ents’, ‘audience precision-targetting’, ‘joining the conversation’ and ‘guaranteed x, y, z’…

But really, it’s all about what agency a client perceives will do the best work for them in the digital and integrated arena – which is based on their quality of ideas and level of relevant experience (or sometimes a personal relationship). That is why PR agencies need to stop worrying that ad agencies, digital agencies and media-buying agencies are going to eat up potential digital comms  business, and start just concentrating on coming up with better ideas than they do.

The most meaningful methodology for a digital PR agency should be:

We will be honest with you and try to come up with more game-changing and valuable ideas for your brand than anyone else.


People in PR get hung up on what type of marketing agency is offering what type of service, but whoever has enough sharp brains (and experience) in their company to come up this best ideas wins all, whatever their “marketing background”.


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