Knowing me, knowing you

In rather Alan Partridge style, I am sat alone in a draughtly Thistle Hotel in Cheltenham ready for a client meeting tomorrow morning.

I flick through work emails on my iPhone some uplifting and some exasperating- then say to myself forget work for the night. But without Mrs M, my boy and dog running around me, work suddenly seems rather hypnotic.

So I turn my attention to the desire that as been in the back of my mind for the last few years to study for a part-time MBA. I have looked into London Business School, but the fees, sponsored or otherwise, are immense. So I settle my attention on Leeds Uni Business School, down the road from me, and start filling in the online application. An hour or so spent completing the three essay questions around: when I’ve worked in a team, business proposals I’ve drawn up and how an MBA could develop mycareer. Then I click “continue” and the site crashes losing all my answers. Let’s hope I do ever better answers second time!

Now at dinner.

As a younger man I used to love the freedom of eating alone, but I now miss my wife’s fork hovering over the bits of my meal she likes.

And yet, with my iPhone in my hand complete with Twitter and WordPress apps, I find myself always only a second away from those I love and weirdly millions of other people as well.


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