Great Rant

Check out TLC’s take on Palin’s Alaska

And below, a rant from my father-in-law Pierre-Albert Sevigny that deserves to be published:

“Check out Sarah Palin’s Alaska on the cable networks. It’s worse than American Idol, Can you dance and Survivor all balled up into one seething mass of toxic spew…It’s the Bride of Frankenstein come to life…It’s the hour of the living dead and over 5 million people are watching it on a regular basis. While the lamestream media (as described by Palin) continues to follow this drivel, its ratings are going through the roof and still climbing. Billed as some kind of travel piece meant to foster tourism in Alaska, it’s nothing more than a long series of who the hell paid for this political advertisement aimed at people who live in trailer parks, watch World Wrestling and still believe Elvis faked his own death..”

Couldn’t have put it better myself.


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