BB C for Cringe

Ask me about social media, not these guys...please!

I went on my usual BBC Radio Leeds slot to talk about “The world in social media this week”, but because the overall drive-time segment had a new presenter everything was just a bit different.  And while I’m always up for embracing change, the results left me feeling slightly at sea.

Instead of my normal solo half hour or so feature on social media peppered with the presenters questions, it was now an hour long panel chat format about general topics.  The panel was myself, the new presenter and a ukele playing singer.  I’m serious I was paired off with a ukele playing ‘music facilitator’, common ground there?  er…none.

Fish out of water does not quite cut it for me.  When required to talk about social media trends and strategy in an accessable way, I can talk with a level of authority; but, when suddenly on-air asked my opinions on the Take That reunion, the Spending Review and Ukele playing groups– I’m really not so hot, I discover.  It was all rather cringe for me to be honest (although “it still sounded great”- says my mum!!).  Things got worse when I got things back onto my topic of new social media news and explained about rumpetroll, Orange singing tweetagram, sites like Groupon, JustAnswer and the growth of ecommerce on social networks- with the response in the studio from my fellow panellists varying between: “Why would anyone want to use sites like that”, “what a waste of time going on that would be” and “what’s the point of that”.  Not the right crowd you might say if your invited to talk about what is around the corner in social media.

So lessons learned are: a) don’t expect ukele players to be fascinated by social media trends and vice versa b) when entering a radio studio be sure you will be asked questions to do with your field of knowledge c) speak to your mum when you want to be told it wasn’t that bad after all.

So more that happy to continue to be a social media voice for BBC- in fact it’s really enjoyable, a bit of fun every fortnight- but unless I can go back to talking about what I’m best at – all bets are off.  Taxpayers don’t deserve to pay license fees to hear my ad-libbed opinions on boyband reunions.


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