This is your captain speaking…

My priority this weekend was rest.  As the upcoming week holds: an exciting Unilever meeting, a brief coming in for a major upcoming pitch, interviewing social media Account Directors, preparing for my beeb social media radio slot and 4 days on a ship networking at The Marketing Forum.  In short a lot. So it will be one of those weeks when you want to be wide awake and really rocking. And so it was this very weekend, as sods law would have it, that my little boy has been really  unwell – poor little fellow- up both nights with a high temperature, snot coming out every orifice and glands the size of golf balls. So my eyes currently have bigger bags under them than Gordon Brown’s had during the election and my head feels like glue.

Ready for The Marketing Forum, course I am!? Well, in as far as I have researched everyone I’m meeting, I know my business and I have “marketing bullshit bingo” to play with some of the people that I meet as I talk about what Lucre Social offers.


Marketing Bullshit Bingo


But I hear that innovative ice-breakers are the must-have on board ship during the Forum.  Apparently they vary from Fortune Cookies, board games, sweets, all the way to futuristic USB sticks and agency credentials written on five pound notes.  It shall be fascinating.  The marketing bullshit bingo, my Hallmark client assures me will be a winner.  We shall see.


Final preparations for The Marketing Forum in case any accidents with the cruise ship


If anyone wants to get in touch on board I’m @jonomarcus.


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