Lorry driver crying wolf with anti-semiticism?

Last night dominating the Yorkshire TV news was the story of a lorry driver that claims Bradford City Council is racist – and that it’s actively covered up his allegations of abuse.

Glenn Morley who, like myself, is Jewish, says he’s been victimised for refusing to work on Saturdays – which is against his religious beliefs.

Is Bradford City Council covering up a claim of anti-semiticism? Maybe, which is clearly wrong.  But as a Jew,I’m telling you, seriously this guy is about as Jewish as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Jews who observe the Sabbath fully, to such an extent that  they will only “rest” from 6pm on a Friday to 6pm on a Saturday and perform no active task during this time are increasingly unusual.  Those Jews who observe the Sabbath to the letter, will often also wear a skull cap and be observant in other ways too.   Glenn Morely just doesn’t add up in my opinion.

I don’t buy that this guy, after seeing the TV interview with him on Yorkshire ITV news, bunked his Saturday shifts for religious reasons.  If I am right he is cheapening the crucial role institutions have in protecting its different ethnicities against abuse and prejudice, and promoting religious tolerance.  Particularly, protecting Jews against anti-semitic comments, which are doled out with such casual abandon and light heartedness that you would think many people in mainstream society were brought up reading Völkischer Beobachter.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this chap’s real name is not Morley, but Morowitz, maybe he is as Jewish as the Chief Rabbi and says the Shema three times a day, maybe he is in synagogue every Friday night and Saturday morning, but something just tastes wrong to me in this story.  Especially when you read that since the one anti-semitic comment that was made to him he has been off work with “depression” for three months, unable to bring himself to drive his HGV.

Watch the interview and then you can berate me for being too cynical if necessary –  http://www.itv.com/yorkshire/racism-allegations30688/


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