RIP Ivy Bean

BBC radio Leeds asked me to be a talking-head on the day that the news broke that the world’s oldest twitterer Ivy Bean had died at 104.  It was obviously a sad moment, but one filled with a sense of fun and hope due to the nature of the fame Ivy had achieved for herself in her final years.

Hats off to you Ivy Bean, becoming a social media  celeb in your tenth decade, is quite an achievement.

However, if Ivy was a commercial brand she may have struggled to so successfully maintain a following.   This is because it is incumbent on a brand trying to be successful in social media right now to not only connect with fans through platforms such as twitter, but to also:

1. “do” stuff in the real world to excite their twitter followers

2. to consistently live up to the promises of their marketing messages in how they conduct themselves on twitter

3. to give something back to fans of their feed

All Ivy had to worry about was being true to her USP and tweeting the type of nuggets one would expect from the world’s oldest twitter.  Or maybe their is something for brands to learn from her in that too…

In the world of social media “to thine own self be true” must be central to any brands strategy.  But, that only works in the longterm if the brand in question can genuinely be proud of themselves, what they stand for and what they are able to share valuable knowledge about.


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