It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, in the blogosphere

This stylistic approach to a gossip blog feels dated

Bang up-to-date: personality of composer as important as the composition

To be an interesting, attention-grabbing and amusing individual online, it generally helps to actually be interesting, attention grabbing and amusing in the first place.

I was reading a showbiz gossip blog the other day written by a journalist I have always got on well with during my traditional PR career.  But something just seemed so dated about her writing on the blog, as opposed to her other journalistic work. I think the reason is that the radiance (or in your face nature) of your own personality shines through on your blog far more transparently than it does or needs to, in other written media.  The artist can’t be a step back from their work.

With blogs, the extrovert personality of the writer and the level of interest in what they are saying go hand in hand.  And,to be clear, I’m talking mainly about fiercely popular and largely show biz orientated blogs here.

People don’t read Perez Hilton for what he says, but the way he says it.  What Perez or Dlisted have done for showbiz blogs and blogging overall is similar to what Leigh Francis did for impersonation with Bo’ Selecta! or Jonathan Ross did for TV interviewing. Namely people watch for the way they introduce content more than for the accuracy of the content or knowledge gained from the outcome.  The personality of the composer  growing to be ever more inseparable from the composition. The age of Hunter S Thompson!


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