I watched BBLBs (presenting team) and I think I liked them

 Why did I have Big Brother’s commentary show BBLB on the box this morning, when I haven’t watched any of the Big Brother series?

Emma Griffiths


Who knows… it was a sleepy Sunday after a big night before.  But the reason I didn’t quickly flick over was clear.  It was because I was witnessing the best T4 presenting team, since Steve Jones decided to follow the script and stop bothering, and Amstell disappeared off to Never Mind Buzzcocks leaving Moquita Oliver flailing. Catching any of what is transmitted on T4 is normally hellish because of the anodyne self-mocking “aren’t we quirky” delivery of the talentless clothes horse presenters.  Wooden like Rik Edwards or annoying like…whatever her name is with the eye make-up.

But in Emma Griffith & George Lamb channel 4 has discovered a presenting team with a bit of brains, a sense of enthusiam and yet maturity (not unlike Dermot O’Leary) and a good on-screen chemistry.

George Lamb

So while I am not going to be starting to watch Big Brother, if BBLB is on again while I’m having a sofa Sunday I won’t be rushing to flick over.  Nor will I be shouting at the screen as I normally do when T4 presenters pop their Top Shop’d behinds in front of the camera, eyes fixed on the “aren’t we ironic” autocue lines. 

PS watch out for the QR codes used on BBLB to access extra info using your mobile.  At last QR going truly mainstream for a UK audience. That plus the Keely promotion in The Sun


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