I will have a Fanshake please

So fanshake.com is really beginning to build momentum and today after chatting to its founder Dana at I am beginning to see why…

It is a platform of tools for music fans, which rewards fans for the amount of promotion they create around an artist.

Fans can demand concerts, participate in contests, discover artists, play games, create and manage fan clubs, and receive exclusive offers on live events. Labels are able to understand exactly who their fans are, build targeted marketing campaigns, enhance their content and give visibility to top fans. Concert promoters, ticketing services, and producers better understand their public, increase direct sales and effectively reduce marketing costs.

The question is how big will it / can it it really get?  Fans are dedicated to the artists they support but traditionally more fickle about the means they use to celebrate those artists.  Can fanshake.com make itself the habitual hub for music fans- maybe just maybe… Dana Al Salem was very persuasive, the model is certainly strong from a brands buy-in perspective.


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