Monocle has clear vision

I remember that when Monocle magazine launched  I thought that it was a great concept: a lifestyle magazine for blokes that read The Economist, Time Magazine and maybe The Spectator.  Then I thought, wow the editorial team are going to have to get it spot-on because it has a high price tag per copy.

Well they did get it spot-on right through from the mag itself, to the web offering, to the associated programmes, books, CDs and their daily Monocolumn sponsored by Blackberry etc.  Now Monocle magazine has announced that it will launch a 24 hour radio show later this year. Named Monocle24, it will build off of the popularity of the Monocle Weekly radio program, which celebrates one year of operations this week.

Monocle editor in chief, and host of the radio show, Tyler Brûlé talks about the success of the radio format:

“We’ve had an overwhelming response from our listeners. Not only has it grown our subscriber base and boosted sales of the magazine but it allows a regular, open discussion that embodies what Monocle is about: global affairs, business, culture and design”


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