It all started with Quebec…

I had no idea about the dubious antics of us Brits when we tried to colonize Quebec.  Dan Snow’s documentary was a revelation to me, as it chronicalled (in a “lets retrace their steps” format) The Battle of Quebec.

The battle was a triumph for British General James Wolfe, who died from musket wounds at the glorious moment of victory.  The battle is now largely forgotten but it is a story that was once familiar to every British schoolchild and a founding myth of the British Empire.   However, in this situation the Brits were hardly the “goodies” – their behaviour was so bloodthirsty that the native Indians in Canada broadly decided to support the resident French colonizers in trying to rebel the Brits.  The idea being better the devil you know. The Redcoats burned, pillaged, raped and did many a dastardly act in their determination to take Quebec and exact as much revenge for the resistance they faced as possible.

Dan Snow was an insightful director / narrator of this documentary-  and any history buff, amateur psychologist or fan of North America check out the trailer below…


One thought on “It all started with Quebec…

  1. Hi Jono…So glad you like the scarf..tore through town looking for a pair of Olympic mittens for Cat ( very much THE hot Olympic item) but all three miullion pairs were sold out a long time ago…ended up with a full hard cover collection of De Maupassant instead! Anyway, glad you like the scarf. April and I just bought a gorgeous heritage duplex on Clifton Ave. south of the tracks in NDG..Built in 1931, the family left it alone and, apart from a typically Italian NDG garden, new kitchens and new windows, nothing was done to the original building. I am going to try to have it listed as one of Montreal’s heritage homes as an example of the city’s own homegrown architecture.
    I’m also glad your parents finally recieved the book I wanted to have placed under last year’s Christmas tree. I believe Cat could fill you in on many of the pictures that made up the book…Lots of history there, lots of really interesting stories. As for our native ancestry, it’s nothing special because it was more a question of the French being taken in by the natives than the other way around. Anyway, I will try to dig up the family tree and you will see how the French adapted to the situation rather than impose themselves upon the native population as was usually the case elsewhere in the colonial period.
    I’m running out of space so there’s more to come by post..Multiple cheers, say hi to everyone and give my young Will a hug and a kiss for me…Cheers..A.

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