PR Prayer and God’s reply

This was just sent around by one of the PRs –

A daily thought to be said each and every day for PR:

Almighty gods of PR,
May my day today be a success, with happiness and joy;
Let my pitches be newsworthy and perfect, being loved by all;
Help me create that amazing stunt, that will make someone go WOW;
Please photograph Beyonce with my product, with the label facing out;

Almighty gods of PR,
May my day stay on target, and promise me some lunch;
Let my server make it all day, without shutting down;
Help me double check my subject lines, spell check doesn’t work;
Please cut back on the hate mail today, sometimes it hurts my feelings;

Almighty gods of PR,
May my day go by smoothly, regardless of what comes up;
Let my segments go unbothered, breaking news isn’t that important;
Help my clients just understand, and get it without a fuss;
Please have The Daily Telegraph call me back today, because I was so nice.


This was the email response from the Design Dept:

Reply from the PR Gods:

“Stop whining, try being a designer or an event person”

So, who said that office life wasn’t really like in Joshua Ferris’s Then We Came To An End?


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