It’s a fair trade gov, honest…

To repeat the theme of many of my posts, but to re-mint it a little by quoting Stef at Mother who I sit on cross-agency teams with: “Brands are starting to see that every time you show a bit of kindness, it translates into sales.”  

You must be more than just your service or product - but your brands kindness must come from somewhere real, be consistent and backed-up. You can't "kindwash".


Many of the brands I work with now recognise that  working in a way that shows “kindness” and gives consumers something of greater value beyond the product or service they are buying, is the business model of the future.  Brands aren’t simply judged on profitability, in this post-global recession era, but also on their impact on people, communities and the world. 

And this approach needn’t be really earnest, in fact it should be really engaging! With a little help from Cake, Ben & Jerry’s has launched an exclusive online campaign inviting their fans to trade fairly with them in exchange for 100 prizes. Launched just ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight, the campaign celebrates the company’s commitment to go 100% Fairtrade by the end of 2011.

There was a shin dig in Leicester Square in London last Thursday,with live comedy, music from Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, free scoops of Ben & Jerrys.


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