As I work in London, but live in Yorkshire, when I am up north I notice certain things with the gaze of a tourist.  This is how I stumbled upon (with some chagrin)  the current phenomena of “special offer” advertisemets outside shops and restaurants, where the offer being presented really isn’t particulary special.

“ONLY £5.95 for a coffee and scone”

“Sandwiches between 1-4pm only £4.99”

“Tea and cakecombo  deal – just £5.50”

Do shopkeepers and brands really think consumers are that stupid that they wont spot something being advertised as a “special offer” but still  at a high or normal  price ?  Do people fall for it?

Rip off Briton isn’t about the larger economy so much as the individuals who manage stores and own shops within it by the look of it.

Now that's more like it


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