End of the age of ME ME ME

Those in PR and advertising are watching people’s behaviour and wondering is it really the end of the ME ME ME culture for consumers; and the beginning of a new era?  Are we now seeing a culture amongst consumers that they truly feel that there are more important things in life than having the biggest and best.  It feels that way.

If the trends for 2010 are to be:

Buying ethically

New connectivity

Personal connections

Peer Recommendations


Then we are truly entering an era where the use of social media in PR and advertising will prevail like never before.  The time and the technology has been right for PR and ads delivered through social media to engage consumers more keenly than anything else for a long while, but now it feels like the whole larger milieu is right too.

It is not only me that is thinking this.  Very senior bods at major brands are reading this book and thinking how they can make absolutely sure their brands cannot stand accused of the ME ME ME attitude!


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