The M to the T to the Jelly

Multi-tasking isn’t new, especially to mothers, but for those heavily involved in Social Media it is very much a way of being, at least in terms of observing and filtering different feeds and conversations coming onto the screen of your ever present laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, Skype etc.

Even this idea of multiprocessing with technologies is not completely new: we’ve been driving while listening to car radios since they became popular in the 1930s. But it is fair to say this way of being has gone into hyperdrive with so much in our life now being about interactivity – from voting on Strictly Come Dancing, to getting trainer discounts via following a brands twitter feed, or to getting meal tips for dinner tonight from a food brands facebook page.

Odd to think less than a generation ago most home computers weren’t even linked to the Internet. “In 1990 the majority of adolescents responding to a survey done by Donald Roberts, a professor of communication at Stanford, said the one medium they couldn’t live without was a radio/CD player. How quaint. In a 2004 follow-up, the computer won hands down” (Time Magazine, 2006).

Personally I have a pressing reason for Social Media multi-tasking as it is vital for me professionally to keep on top of the buzz about my brands and this is made easiest by using the likes of Tweetdeck and many other platforms and tools.

However, yesterday evening I realised that a line had to be drawn when… I walked past the toilet to see the door open and my 4 year-old step-son sitting on the loo doing his business, whilst eating a bowl of jelly and playing with my Blackberry.  Wrong on so many levels, but these kids today sure can multitask!

Another piece of more surreal multi-tasking…


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