To the Doctors out there

I commend the Beeb and Rosa Monckton for their grim unflinching documentary revealing the pressures on parents caring for disabled children.  These parents are faced with a government that is consistently generous to the idle and unmotivated in society, whilst scrimping and saving when it comes to helping parents who display incredible determination to try and provide a bearable quality of life for their children facing significant problems.

However,  it was a little disturbing to watch a teenage boy clearly suffering for Tourettes being labelled by his parents and the documentary makers as having behavioural problems with elements of Aspergers, and being frequently sent up to his room for swearing.  

Clearly I am no doctor, but for the duration of my university time I worked at a school for severly physically and mentally disabled children and it is very difficult to confuse the jerky uncontrolled movements and verbal tics of Tourrettes with just “acting up” or an Aspergers diagnosis.  I would appeal to any doctors watching the show to try and get in touch with the family and support them and their son, as Aspergers would seem to be a very limited diagnosis for some far more specific conditions.  The parents are taking the child for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is misguided when he would need specific help with Tourettes.




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