Fire Starter!


My boss was sitting in reception early in the morning the other day and on greeting me he said I heard a great metaphor for social media PR yesterday.  If PR is starting a firework display, then Social Media work is starting a bonfire.  


And Dave Fleet advises: “Quick wins are difficult in social media and it’s often ill-advised to seek them. Social media works best as a long-term initiative.

Can of stonesWe occasionally use (and wreck) a ‘rocks and sand’ metaphor when thinking about social media. You can have a jar full of rocks in it, but there are lots of gaps. To truly full it, you need sand to fill them. Social media is similar – you can have lots of big campaigns, but for your efforts to truly pay off you need the ’sand’ – the long-term foundation that keeps everything in place”.

For me Social Media is the local boozer, you have diehards who are in there every night.  Brands are mentioned of course when people buy a drink (Carling, Fosters etc) or watch SkySports, but not shouted about, especially not irrelevant ones.  New people sometimes come into the boozer, but they listen and observe until an appropriate topic comes up that they know a little about or can banter about, before they tentatively join the conversation with the regulars. Step by step they become regulars and so a little more confident.  After they have been in the pub a few months they might even suggest to one of the old regulars they have got to know well, try the brand of larger which they drink instead of their usual choice.  Bit by bit the whole table of regulars and newer regulars start drinking SM Beer instead of Carling and so the effect slow grows step by step.

But if Social Media is like the local boozer it’s bad news if you get your interactions wrong, coming in seeming too loud, arrogant and not relevant…







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