Thinking local

Facebook still has not quite cracked how to create a global presence for a brand with a local feel in my mind. Every option has its frustrations or its costs!

Picture 13

It is crucial that international brands, whether they are Unilever, Motorola or Prince’s Rainforest Project should appeal to local audiences with their Facebook profile pages. One-way is building a “Your Area” tab on the brands Fan page. This means fans can view content from their local countries where they will actually be buying the products etc. The page can target normally up to 12 countries with the Your Area functionality, in the relevant languages.

There is know doubt such a page is far more engaging locally that just an English language page – that is not locally specific. For example you can have a News Feed with local content, featuring links, events and promotions. This type of page can also help local stores or promotions target their specific local fans. But the build costs to insert this functionality involve a significant financial investment, it is not just as simple as inserting html boxes onto the page as some brands do, which generally do not integrate local content particularly smoothly or allow for much local interactivity.

The other option is create separate but unified looking Facebook pages for each country whose audience the brand wants to reach, with click-troughs from one countries page to another’s. This is not so smooth, but a hell of a lot cheaper. Global Marketing Directors may like this less as they can’t collate all their brands Facebook users in one place, but the factor that can’t be overlooked is the need to create a genuinely local feel, rather than just a token local offering on a larger page.

Adidas makes use of a "Your Area" tab to link global to local


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