“More things in heaven and earth, Horatio”


New creatures- new philoophies

New creatures- new philosophies

 PR agencies tend to sell themselves based on being the best when it comes to one of the following things :



Audience (or business sector) understanding

Results (yes I’ve seen PR companies using simply “producing results” as their USP!)

Global or regional expertise

In the last decade PR companies and specialist agencies, which were able to, also sold themselves on the fact they did or understood social media. At the time these were rare outposts. 

In fact, someone was interviewed on the news yesterday because her PR agency “advised clients on using twitter”, as if an agency doing this was still an extremely exotic idea.

But now we are entering an age beyond it being a USP itself (in this country) for an agency to provide social media services.  So now social media departments, specialists and specialist agencies must speedily work out their key philosophy and selling point- in the way PR companies have evolved their communications philosopies over many years.

If my company’s philosophy is Brand Entertainment as a catalyst for great PR and audience engagement, with amazing creativity at its heart, how does that relate to the philosophy of our social media offerings? 

Knowing how great your services are in social media and how talented the practitioners you have working for you, is very different from being able to set those services apart from similar services.  And now is the time to do it.

 I know the services my team of social media specialists offer is better than other places, because they are better and very rounded social media marketeeers, but that is just me saying that.  And I’m bound to.  But we all know that in marketing you need to get your philosophy and offering boiled down to a few words or a phrase- clarity is all. 

We are now in a period where it is not enough to “do” social media, just like a PR agency needs a guiding principle behind its work, so does a social media offering.  Times are changing, but anything that makes clients interrogate social media as rigorously, and treat it as seriously, as other forms of msarketing can only be good, especially if you’re good at it!

We just need to work out how best to sell the fact we are good at it— ideally in no more that five words!


One thought on ““More things in heaven and earth, Horatio”

  1. your point here is a valid one… how do we distinguish ourselves as knowing about social media, and why are we better at it than anyone else. But, OMG, how long does it take to say that?

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