Google can really do breakfast and…

Went for a breakfast meeting at Google and boy do they do breakfast.  They have a whole dining hall and the variety and quality of buffet food one would expect at a 5 star hotel!

The meeting was specifically about how brands can use iGoogle to gain awareness and affinity amongst iGoogle users, tell you more in later posts…but that includes using:

Food glorious food


Widgets & Games






The key to using all these tools is knowing what you want to get out of them and designing them to relate to the motivations of the people that might use them on iGoogle.  Almost every time those motivations are either a desire for: useful information or pure entertainment. 

I was informed under a non-disclosure understanding (they aint stupid!) about the next stage of iGoogle development as a platform and as a business.  

But one free tip for those of us who are google Docs fans (like me): with the offline feature of Google Docs, you can work on your documents on a plane, at the beach, or in a land far away. Your changes will be automatically saved online the next time you sign in. 


Making life a little easier

Making life a little easier


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