But how many grannies are on twitter/facebook/youtube?

Getting to granny

About once a month a client will ask me:

“But really how many (mums/South Africans/barmen/etc/etc) are actually on twitter?”

This on the one hand is a very pertinent question, after all if you are trying to tell grannies about Saga Cruises twitter wouldn’t be the most sensible means of communication.

Granny in Southend is likely to be best reached through print ads, direct mail and peer recommendation not twitter.  Even the internet savvy granny will use a search engine to look up “Saga Cruises”, she will not go onto youtube to find a cruise!

BUT Saga can help direct granny to reach their site by creating multiple routes to it and raising it naturally up Google searches by:

a) creating a facebook page or blog

b) a twitter feed

c) a channel on YouTube

Content produced for any of these provide a reason for the brand to appear on high traffic and wide-focus channels like Youtube or Digg and to rise up Google rankings.

Saga’s list of cruises could not get on these sites but a funny article or video about ways to stay young or growing old disgracefully is relevant to the wide audience.

Forgetting Granny, almost all the brands I work with can or do benefit from dynamic content which has the “pass it on” factor in online communities.

So when the marketing director of Saga asks “how many grannies are on twitter?” etc the answer is not many.   BUT creating social media presences for your brand can be an effective indirect method to increase sales and customers. That is why although social media is an incredible marketing tool to spread brand awareness and site traffic, it is best to integrate it with other techniques, including paid for SEO work.

For almost any brand increased social media visibility will lead to increased word of mouth and so backs to sales- even to grannies!


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