Big Art Inspiration

Picture 3

Message and medium reinforcing each other = great pitching

Watched Big Art on TV.  An artist was pitching his idea to paint Burley city centre with pictures on buildings, walls, underpasses etc created with invisible ink that would show up under UV lighting.  The concept was showing the invisible vibrancy behind what appeared a rather derelict city.

What caught my attention was the artist’s pitch document that was sent to the clients (who were children of Burnley) written in invisible ink after the first line.  It was an A4 parchement-like piece of paper sent over with a key ring size UV torch.  The torches beam was about three centimetres in width. As the children shone the light on each word they could read the pitch document.

To me that’s a perfect pitch approach: embodying the idea you are presenting in the way you present it, so no further explanation needed.

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